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My first CD. I play alto saxophone and use Band in a Box for the backing. Jazz, some in blues mode, some in rhythm. One song was inspired by Duke Ellington's "In a sentimental mood".


A change to tenor and soprano saxophones. Jazz, but more personal without recourse to standard formats except for one song written in modal form.

Many years ago I used to play the acoustic guitar. So, when I got a Fender Stratocaster guitar and a Marshall combo amplifier, I was able to re-record some of my old songs as well as several new ones. The result was this double CD.

This CD followed quickly on. The truth is, I always enjoyed writing songs.

I had an audio cassette of some old songs. The recordings were of variable quality, but I wanted a more permanent record of these songs. This double CD is the digital version of the tape.

Guitar and vocals as before with a few "short" songs.

My 7th album. Again, it is rock format and the songs are relatively short compared to most of my earlier compositions.

The 8th album. There are two instrumental tracks, the second "One" being the first song I wrote with my new Gibson Les Paul.

The 9th album with more "rock" songs, more Les Paul. I used a Zoom G2.1u effects pedal to alter the sound of the guitar.

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