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Music from nowhere (released July 2005)

My compositions were definitely changing (or should it be developing), perhaps becoming a little more "main stream". For instance, "'Cos I like the way you are" just sounds different to anything else I had written before, and I consider it to be one of my best songs. I have also acquired a beautiful black Les Paul Studio guitar which, to me at least, sounds so much fuller and deeper than the Fender Strat. The first song I wrote with the Les Paul was "One", which, somewhat jokingly, I call my first rock anthem! "I am so much in love with you" is a 12 bar blues, again inspired by the sound of the Les Paul. What a guitar (pity I can't play it better, but I am trying, promise). As to why I didn't call this album "Music from my continent", the reason is simple - it didn't sound right. It was a time for change, anyway.

Total playing time 47:25

© So Ga Ma (2005)


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