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Old recordings (2003)

I used to use a four-track Sony tape recorder (TC-366, and I've still got it somewhere) to record my early songs. I transferred some of them to a casette, and this CD is the "cleaned up" version of these copies. Some of the songs are quite long, almost like a mini opera, with the music changing constantly, one tune or theme following the other. The guitar was acoustic and I only used a handful of chords because I only knew how to play a handful of chords; I now know that the chord sequences were not always necessarily in the same key which makes them musically incorrect (although they may also be considered to be "interesting" or "novel"). One day I may be brave enough to put these songs on the website, but not yet!

CD One

1. Taking a trip (2:35)
2. Old man (4:07)
3. Leave me alone (2:56)
4. Usually (4:06)
5. Powdery you in the clouds (0:57)
6. She plus S (5:13)
7. If only you knew (5:13)
8. Entree 1, Distilled steel, Entree 2 (10:52)
9. Synaesthesia (8:18)
10. Nihil ad nos (31.36)

Total playing time 75:16

CD Two

1. Singing this song makes me feel all alone (3:06)
2. Gumylgu (3:59)
3. Personal rubbish (9:25)
4. Signature tune (0:33)
5. Wot's 'e got that I ain't (24:22)
6. The truth about the birds and the bees (3:57)
7. Stylophone piece (0:20)
8. Feeling nothing (1:04)
9. Three short pieces (4:24)

Total playing time 51:13

© So Ga Ma(2003)


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